Madurai is the second largest city, considered as the cultural capital, in Tamilnadu. It was announced as the Corporation, after Chennai, in May 1st 1971. There are 10 state assembly constituencies and 1 parliament constituency. It is here that the father of the Indian nation, Mahathma Gandhi, started wearing only a loincloth, in 1921, after seeing the people ill-nourished and ill-dressed. Madurai is famous for its Jasmine flowers. It is transported to most of the Indian cities and exported to other countries too.

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Madurai was originally a forest known as Kadambavanam. One day, a farmer named Dhananjaya who was passing through the forest, saw Indra (The king of the gods), worshipping a self created Lingam, Swayambhu, under kadamba tree. He immediately reported this to King Kulasekara Pandya, who ruled this area at that time. The King then built a great temple around the Swayambu and developed a Lotus shaped city around this temple. On the day the city was to be named, as Lord Shiva blessed the land and its people, divine nectar (Madhu) was showered on the city, from his hair. The city was henceforth called Madhurapuri, 'Madhura' means 'Sweetness' in Tamil. Later the name evolved to MADURAI.

Geographical and General Info.

Madurai District is situated in the South of Tamil Nadu state. It is bounded on the North by the district of Dindigul, on the East by Sivagangai, on the West by Theni and South by Virudhunagar.

Altitute : 100.58mtrs. above the sea level

North Latitude : Between 9°30.00 & 10°30.00

East Longitude : Between 77°00.00 & 78°30.00

Area : 3741.73 Square Km.


(2001 Census) : 25,62,279

Density/Sq.Km. : 733

Movies Today in Madurai

 Cinema Theatre Movie A/C Location

1. Abirami Seemaraja Near Sourashtra School, Kamarajar Salai

2. Ambigai Annanukku J Near Sourashtra School, Kamarajar Salai

3. Ambika Screen-1 U Turn Anna Nagar Bus Terminal

4. Ambika Screen-2 The Predator (A) Anna Nagar Bus Terminal

5. Amirtham Imaikkaa Nodigal Behind Sappani Kovil Bus Stop, South Veli Street

6. Anandha Seemaraja Madurai Road, Thirumangalam

7. Annamalai Screen-1 Seemaraja Simmakkal

8. Annamalai Screen-2 Seemaraja Simmakkal

9. Big Cinemas Ganesh Imaikkaa Nodigal Ganesh Theatre Stop, Kamarajar Salai

10. Central Kadaikkutti Singam Near Meenakshi Amman Temple

11. Cinipriya Seemaraja Anna Bus Stand

12. Ganesh Screen-1 Seemaraja Melur

13. Ganesh Screen-2 U Turn Melur

14. Guru Seemaraja Arapalayam

15. Inox Screen-1 Imaikkaa Nodigal Vishaal D Mall, Chinna Chokkikulam

16. Inox Screen-2 U Turn Vishaal D Mall, Chinna Chokkikulam

17. Inox Screen-3 The Predator (E) (A) Vishaal D Mall, Chinna Chokkikulam

18. Inox Screen-4 The Nun (E) (A) Vishaal D Mall, Chinna Chokkikulam

19. Inox Screen-5 Kolamaavu Kokila [3:25, 10:10pm]

Geetha Govindam (Telugu) [6:45pm] Vishaal D Mall, Chinna Chokkikulam

20. Jeyam Echarikkai Palanganatham

21. Kallaanai Kolamaavu Kokila Vandiyur Road, Vandiyur

22. Kasi U Turn Nagamalai Pudukkottai

23. Malaiyandi Seemaraja - Usilampatti

24. Mani Impala Screen-1 Seemaraja Thirunagar

25. Mani Impala Screen-2 Seemaraja Thirunagar

26. Mani Impala Screen-3 Seemaraja Thirunagar

27. Marudhu Modern Seemaraja Sholavandhan

28. Mathi U Turn Arapalayam

29. Meenakshi U Turn - Thirumangalam

30. Minipriya Seemaraja Anna Bus Stand

31. Murugan Movie Hall Kadaikkutti Singam Jaihindpuram

32. Ponnusamy U Turn - Usilampatti

33. Sha-I Kadaikkutti Singam Near Anna Bus Stand

34. Shanmuga Screen-1 Imaikkaa Nodigal Kaalavasal Junction

35. Shanmuga Screen-2 The Nun (T) (A) Kaalavasal Junction

36. Sri Devi Kalaivani U Turn Thirunagar

37. Sugapriya Seemaraja Anna Bus Stand

38. Tamil Seemaraja Reserve Line

39. Tamil Jaya Seemaraja Reserve Line

40. Thangaregal Imaikkaa Nodigal Periyar Bus Stand

41. V Cinemas U Turn Mullippallam, Sholavandhan

42. Vetri Screen-1 U Turn Villapuram

43. Vetri Screen-2 Seemaraja Villapuram

44. Vetri Screen-3 Seemaraja Villapuram


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