Naick History
When Krishna Devaraya was the King of Vijayanagar, he sent one general Nagama Naick to Madurai to control the internal confusion in the Madurai regional politics. Nagama Naick controled the waring groups and restored peace, but declared himself as an independant ruler. This act provoked the King Krishna Devaraya and he sent Viswanatha Naick, the son of the revolutionary Nagama, to arrest and produce his father in the royal court. Viswanatha fulfilled the order of the King, but justified his father's act and explained the real condition of the region. King, being convinced by the explanation of Viswanatha, released his father and crowned Viswanatha as the ruler of Madurai as a reward to his loyalty. Thus the Madurai Naick Principality was established about 1530 A.D.

Thirumalai Naick, the builder of this magnificent palace ruled as the seventh ruler of the Madurai Naick dynasty. He ruled Madurai from 1623 to 1659 A.D. He was the master builder of this age and he made magnificent contributions in the realms of art and architecture. Pudumantapam (vasantha mandapam) opposite to easter gate of Meenakshi Amman Temple was constructed by Thirumalai Naick. He also dug out the Vandiyur Teppakkulam, one of the worth seeing places in Madurai city. Traditions says that when the soil was excavated to make bricks for the construction of this palace, naturally a big pit was formed. Thirumalai Naick converted this pit in to a beautiful tank and constructed a small mantapam at the centre. He also established beautiful buildings at Thirupparankundram, Alagarkovil and Srivilliputtur the links to know more 



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