Thief Entered

Another hall situated to the east of Natakasala is said to be the Pilliyarai, the King's bed room. His cot hung by long chains from the hooks in the roof. A legendary story is usually told by the people. In order to check the tight security arrangements made to the palace, the King had anounced a challange that any one having guts to enter into the palace in the night could do so. A courageous thief (kallan) heard this announcement and taken as a challange to his skill. One night entered into the palace, made a hole in the roof, swarmed down and stole the Royal Jewels. Then the King promised a Jaghir to anyone who would bring him the thief and the kallan gave himself up and claimed the reward. The King gave him the promised Jaghir and then promptly had him beheaded. Even today we can see an opening in the south-eastern corner of the Natakasala, which is now closed with glass, through which the above mentioned thief entered. But the real purpose for that opening is not down.

We came to know from an ancient record, this splendid hall was used as a theatre where the King accompanied by his Queens and Guests, used to witness dances, in the evenings performed by beautiful girls well versed in their art.



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